Dancebeing specializes in graphic design and web design services to support movement facilitators with marketing of their events and classes.

Hello, is it you?

Are you a dancer, movement facilitator, mover and shaker of people’s bodies and souls?

We know how overwhelming the online world may seem.

Loving to move your body and teaching others how to do this, usually does not equal the marketing part of the job.

Birthing and running an intense workshop is a difficult task itself – yet still so much more neds to happen before it becomes a profitable event.

Creating a visual that stands out in never-ending social media scroll is not an easy task (especially if you hate social media;).

And what about reaching new audieces online? Attracting newcomers? Improving the website so that it brings more traffic?

Ta-da! Fear not, you’re not on this wacky journey solo!
There’s a solution lurking just around the corner!
Painful Truth ;)

However Conscious, or Unconscious;) your event is, it needs marketing and online visibility.

Whether it’s impro or choreographed movement, Floor Work or Feldenkreis, Movement Medicine or Movement Mandala, 5Rhythms or even 10 – it needs marketing.

Your dancing community needs to notice your event, get inspired, and learn about its transformative value.

Breathe in – breathe out… There is a solution and you’re not alone!

We help dance and movement facilitators increase visibility of their class or event, on- and off-line. 

Graphic design

By crafting eye-catching flyers or curating vibrant social media visuals, we help set the stage for unforgettable movement workshops and classes, with a visual identity that truly stands out.

How to...'s

We do the hard work for you! We brainstorm and discover solutions that not only enhance your online presence but also are a best fit for your budget. And yes, we help with the copy too.


We specialize in creating elegant, user-friendly WordPress websites. From simple landing pages to complex platforms, we offer modern designs that are both functional and visually appealing.

Better visibility

on- and off-line

What our Clients say?

My marketing materials done with her, once let out to the world – amuse and put my dancers in “awe”.

Asia Hussakowska,
5Rhythms Teacher

Before I started collaborating with Zuza on designs I danced with her… What I saw was a very creative and energised dancer. This spoke to me. She’s original, get’s it done on time and flows easily with changes. I look forward to our next creative adventure together.

Erik Iversen
Hellerwork Practitioner, 5Rhythms Teacher, Core Faculty, Big Leap Coach, SOMATOMY founder

Working with Zuza has been easy and satisfying ~ she understands how to call dancers to that workshop. She is quick with tasks and clear in communication.

Alex Mackay
5Rhythms teacher

Whether it’s eye-catching posters you need,  dreamy class visuals, or captivating social media images for your personal brand, or a modern, user-friendly website for an entire festival…

we’ve got you covered.

Ask for a quote!

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